Final Fantasy XVI: Retains Top Spot Of Famitsu Yet Again

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Recognition and reach are the two things every video game developers crave for. In this regard, magazine publications play a major role. Famitsu is one such video game magazine that originated in Japan. It publishes the list of top games on a weekly and monthly basis. Over the recent months, the top spot on the gaming chart of Famitsu has seen only one name – Final Fantasy XVI. Here are the latest updates regarding this.

About Famitsu Magazine

Famitsu is a video game magazine that is entirely about video games. Japanese Company, Kadokawa Game Linkage, publishes this famous magazine. It is one of the most famous gaming magazines in the world and its rankings are highly valued.

Final Fantasy XVI: Retains Top Spot Of Famitsu Yet Again

Famitsu publishes both hard and soft copies of the magazine. While the traditional paper publications dated way back to 1986, the company started releasing digital copies in 2011. Both these forms are famous among game lovers. However, some still prefer the traditional one as it gives a different experience.

Final Fantasy XVI: No. 1

Famitsu magazine releases weekly and monthly charts for top games. As far as the weekly charts are concerned, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI continues to top it. It topped the list of most highly anticipated upcoming games for several weeks. Bayonetta 3, Pokemon Scarlet, and Violet and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are some of the other famous games that came behind FFXVI.

Final Fantasy XVI: Retains Top Spot Of Famitsu Yet Again

This comes as a no-brainer as FFXVI is one of the trending games in recent times. So, many expected it to be on top of Famitsu game charts. But, what surprised everyone was the consistent retention of its top spot for many weeks. This explains how successful Square Enix’s game is. Also, it portrays the worldwide reach of the game.

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