Disney in Black and White

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Vintage animations are always fun and exciting to watch. The initial days of Walt Disney Animation were the days of great experimentation and innovation. The late 20’s and the early 40’s gave us various characters such as Mickey Mouse and sound characters. The era also gave some stages that give memorable journeys for the medium of animation although; Disney in Black and White is much popular.

Disney in Black and White

Mickey Mouse holds the fear of scary movies; yet concedes to go watch one with Minnie Mouse. However, when they get to the theatre the real battle begins when the movie gets started.

Disney in Black and White Plot

It was the release day for the scary movie was, “Attack of the Hee Gee Bees” where Mickey was watching out for the poster with a wish to overcome his fear. Minnie arrives with two buckets of popcorn and Mickey hides out his head in the popcorn bucket. As the movie heads further, Mickey gets too scared and panics in the situation with no where to go. When there comes a hand from the grave, Mickey on jumping in fear ends up landing on wall.

Disney in Black and White

Mickey looks for himself as a white ghost; he chases the black shade and motivates people that they can overcome their fears collectively. The animation is so well that has Mickey says, “Scary Movie” he’s black shades starts to run off while he is holding Minnie’s hand. All of a sudden, Mickey starts stretching his body on the taxi bars to retain his black color.

Disney’s Popularity

Disney Black and White is the most popular animated show that is too popular in the kids. Every generation has definitely watched through some of the animated movies by Walt Disney. The Disney creation made it all fun while everyone as a kid grew up. Be it Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse or some other Disney Character, the craze for it was even then.

Disney in Black and White

Being a kid we would demand for clothes in Disney Theme, cake in Disney theme and that’s the popularity that Disney gained throughout years. Its popularity and fan following makes it even better for the production to come up with some more interesting animations.

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