Smooth basalt in Minecraft is one of the most durable material that can be used to build your house. After the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update, this new material was introduced to Minecraft. It is popularly used due to it’s blast-proof properties which helps sustain Ghast fireball damage as well as other damage from the underground.

How to find Smooth Basalt in Minecraft

To find the Smooth Basalt rock in Minecraft, you would first need to find the Amethyst Geodes. These are usually found when you go underground specifically level 70 or below. Another place you can try would be under the sea in the main overworld. one method that not a lot people would know is the X-ray glitch.

In order to do the X-ray glitch, you will first need to enter a cave below level 70 and find a spot near any cave wall. Then, you will break as many walls required for you to fit inside. The next step will be to place a boat at the edge of your broken cave walls. This is the main part of the trick. Enter the boat and try moving either in the left or the right direction. If you do it successfully, you will spawn inside the wall and the nearby caves and amethyst geodes will be visible to you. if this is too much of information, you can always click on the YouTube video link above. These amethyst geodes are covered by different blocks, one of which is Smooth Basalt.

How to make Smooth Basalt in Minecraft

In order to make a Smooth Basalt yourself, you will need to build a furnace or a blast furnace (because a blast furnace would cut the time taken to smelt by half). Making a furnace is easy. All you need are eight pieces of ‘cobblestone’ and a crafting table. After you have your materials, just open the crafting table and place your cobblestones on the perimeter of it leaving the middle box empty. Then, just click on your newly made furnace and add it to your inventory.

Now you have a furnace to make your own Smooth Basalt. To make the Smooth Basalt, you will need to add a fuel (preferably coal) and a regular Basalt to the furnace after which you can add it to your inventory. Another way of acquiring it would be by placing a regular Basalt in a stonecutter.

Uses of the Smooth Basalt

The primary use of Smooth Basalt as most people would say is to decorate and create gradients of blocks. Players also use it to create a ‘bass drum’ sound by using note blocks with them.

Another reason why the Smooth Basalt could be so popular is because of it’s durability and protection against Ghasts. Ghasts float around the Nether with their eyes and mouth closed and periodically make crying sounds, which can be heard from up to 80 blocks away. When within range, a Ghast faces the player and shoots a fireball every three seconds.

In conclusion, Smooth Basalt is a must have mineral which is fairly easy to acquire as well as create. It has ample amount of uses ranging from aesthetic floor tiles to durable walls.

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