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PS4 or PlayStation 4 is a home video game console developed by Sony Computer entertainment. “It is just the fantastic game that is really ahead of its rivals for a year” that was a review of the audience when asked about PS4. The game has the best 4K HDR games with rich visuals and even faster frame rates.

PS4: The Champion of Gaming World

As you might be aware, but as Sony launched PS4 in 2013, the consoles went up to 91 million, and more than 876 million have been sold. Though, it launched in December 2018 in India.

PS 4

Talking about the visuals, the facts say that PS4 has AMD Accelerated Processing Unit built upon x86-64 architecture which can peak at 1.8 teraflops. AMD has made the most powerful APU ever built by them!!


Sony specially focus on the social interactions and has provided special features to share the game play and the ability to stream online. With the game comes equally capable devices to handle it. It has a Play station vita where you can easily control the characters of game. Similarly, you can also control them by the Remote Play of Sony.

USB Ports not working?!!



Well, that’s an issue gamer face a lot. Your PS4 might stop working suddenly. Well, it may happen due to some of the points like

  • Physical damage to the ports
  • A corrupted PS4 system
  • Not proper detection of device

The solution lies in the problem itself. Check if the ports are damaged or not, if they are damaged, then directly head to the nearest PC mechanic shop. If they are not, then come to the next point.

A corrupted PS4 system may also not detect the USB. For this issue, you must buy your game from the company website or their shop or the retailer who has got dealership of Sony products.

Next is Not proper detection of device. That’s a very common issue. Just relax and wait for a few minutes. If the problem still exists, plug the USB again and wait for some more minutes…It might work in second or third try and then Bingo!!!

Play station 4

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