Lost Lands 2 Full Walkthrough: Beginner's Guide

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Lost Lands 2 or Lost Lands: The Four Horsemen is a fantasy-based puzzle game released in 2015. Developed by the Ukrainian company Five-BN, it is one of the best fantasy games that revolves around completing quests and puzzles. It mainly focuses on the adventures of a girl who gets lost in a fantasy world and tries to fight against evil forces. To understand the game better, it is divided into eight chapters and this article features a walkthrough of Chapter 1.

Lost Lands 2: Chapter 1 Walkthrough


First, pick up the ladder from the base of the cottage and place it on the side.

Enter the room above and grab the knife handle and leave the room.

Locate the knife blade and attach the knife handle to it and pull it free.

Read the document about Maaron.

Lost Lands 2 Full Walkthrough: Beginner's Guide

After reading the document, collect the shovel, which is located next to the Magical Blue Orb.

Now, use your knife to cut the sack located on the wagon.

Re-enter the room above the cottage and grab the key from the empty bird’s nest.

Insert the found key into the door handle of the cottage.

Speak to Maaron.


After Maaron has left, search the room for important items.

Furthermore, search the draws to the right of the fireplace to retrieve a candle and Manuscript.

After finding the draws, exit the cottage.

Lost Lands 2 Full Walkthrough: Beginner's Guide

Insert the rune into the rock located in front of the cottage.

Once you have arrived at the tower, grab the hammer from the rock to the left.

Walk down the path to the left.

You will meet a Mermaid.

Speak to her.

Lost Lands 2: Blue Energy Sphere

Once you complete the puzzle, you will get a Blue Energy Sphere.

Insert the blue energy spheres into the pedestals in front of the tower.

Moreover, a short scene will follow.

Use your Saw on the branches to retrieve the 8th Monk Figurine.

Lost Lands 2 Full Walkthrough: Beginner's Guide

Insert the 8 Monk Figurines into the tower door.

Also, a short mini-game will begin. Play it.

You should link the Monk Figurines together correctly.

A door will open once you complete the puzzle.

Enter the tower.

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