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Little Nightmares 2 has been one of the most successful sequels of the decade. Most sequels either take years to drop like the Last of us, or have an underwhelming sequel. The Little Nightmares series made sure that it wasn’t either of those. As its predecessor, this game also has a plethora of key characters. Let’s discuss the Teacher.

Plot: Little Nightmares 2

Mono, a young child with a paper bag over his head, awakens from a dream about a door at the end of a hallway marked with an eye. He travels across the wilderness and comes across a dilapidated shack. Six is imprisoned by the masked Hunter who resides there, and he frees her. The Hunter pursues the couple until they corner him, at which point they shoot him with a shotgun.

Mono and Six float across a body of water using a door as a raft and end up in the Pale City, which is covered in mist and rain and littered with ancient television sets. Mono tries to access the hallway from his dream by using televisions as portals during the route. Six, on the other hand, always pulls him back out before he can reach the door. He also comes across a number of ghostly, glitching children’s remains, which he can absorb by interacting with them.

Teacher: Appearance

The Teacher is an elderly, slim woman dressed in a grey skirt, a beige buttoned-up shirt, white socks, and black Mary Janes, as schoolteachers did in the 1910s. With baggy eyes, greying black hair, and a wrinkled mouth trapped in a permanent smug grin, her head is huge in comparison to the rest of her body.

When she spots troublemakers from afar, The Teacher can lengthen her neck several meters, bending and flexing it like a snake to go around barriers and reach faraway targets. The Teacher also appears to have a very strong skull capable of bending metals, as evidenced by her chase of Mono into the vents.

Teacher: Personality

The Teacher, like the other characters in the franchise, does not speak. She, instead, expresses herself through her actions. As her alias suggests, the nasty Teacher enjoys instilling dread in her subordinates and dictating that they obey her at all times. She is devoted to her work, teaching the Bullies’ class (despite the fact that they don’t seem to understand or care about what she teaches), penalizing anyone who disrupts the School’s environment, and preparing biology presentations. As shown with the Fat Kid, the Teacher appears to be well aware that her presence unnerves children and acts in an intentionally uncomfortable manner to put them on edge.

When the Teacher is truly idle, though, she appears almost human. She appears to be sluggish, taking heavy, lumbering steps and rapidly dismissing a noise as a coincidence. This happens even when this is plainly not the case. She is seen to have a passion for piano music. You can see this in the Teacher’s final scene, playing wonderfully and even twisting her neck to a particular note.

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