Dungeons & Dragons: Wild Magic Sorcerer-Latest Updates

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Dungeons & Dragons shortly known as DND is a tabletop role-playing game of the fantasy genre. American game designers Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson developed this game. The first edition of DND was released in 1974 by TSR. The latest edition DND 5e was released in 2014. This game features various characters such as Dungeon Master, Wizard and Sorcerer. Of these characters, sorcerers have an option called Wild Magic. This article explains it and how it can be improved.

About Wild Magic Sorcerer

Dungeons & Dragon have many editions over the years. But, in the DND 5th edition, there is more role for the sorcerers. In the player’s handbook of DND 5e, there are two subclasses for sorcerers. These are the options the sorcerer can choose from.

Dungeons & Dragons: Wild Magic Sorcerer-Latest Updates

Wild Magic is one option the sorcerer can choose in DND 5e. Also, the other option is a draconic bloodline. But, with the introduction of new subclasses, many players think Wild Magic must be improved.

How to Improve it?

Due to its underperformance compared to other subclasses, Wild Magic must be improved to sustain itself in the game. To improve this, the Wild Magic effect should happen more often than normal.

Dungeons & Dragons: Wild Magic Sorcerer-Latest Updates

The Dungeon Master also has a big role to improve this effect. He/She should extend the surge activation range to make the effect happen more times. Also, the Dungeon Master should allow cantrips to trigger the surges.

Dungeons & Dragons: Wild Magic Sorcerer-Latest Updates

One more way to improve Wild Magic is by increasing the wild magic surge activation range. By doing so, the occurrence of surge multiplies many times. Finally, the players can try to customize the Wild Magic table. Though this takes more time, it is more rewarding than other methods.

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