Trove Guardian Location – Destiny 2

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Since its introduction in the Shadow Keep update, players have been really confused about the exact location of this powerful knight. Their location is not permanent, it keeps changing every week. Read this article to find out the exact location of the large red hive enemy this week.

What is Trove Guardian?

Trove Guardian is a large hive knight which was introduced in Destiny 2 with the Shadow keep update. It has a huge sword and keeps changing its location every week. Basically, he has three fixed locations where he arrives, and then these locations keep on changing every week. These guardians are powerful and can be dangerous if you go too near them.

Trove Guardian Location – Destiny 2

After defeating the Trove Guardian, you receive a message informing you that a path has opened. However, you don’t get a chest after defeating it, unlike in the case of other powerful enemies.

Where to find the Trove Guardian?

The three fixed locations of the Trove Guardian are Hellmouth, Archer’s Line and Anchor of Light. These locations keep on changing every week. This week, players can find Trove Guardian in Anchor of Light on Moon.

Trove Guardian Location – Destiny 2

To locate him this week, players need to use the map to spawn at the Sanctuary and then head straight towards the anchor of light. After entering the location, you could see the Trove Guardian standing out there like a yellow bar.

Trove Guardian Chest Location

Once eliminated, players should explore the nearby areas. There you will encounter a long floating platform similar to Dreaming City hidden chests. From there, you can head towards the loot area right away.

Trove Guardian Location – Destiny 2

To find Trove Guardian’s exact location can be a bit confusing task, but don’t worry, we will keep you updated with all the information!!

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