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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a space western-styled space trading and combat simulation single-player. The game was developed by ‘Double Damage Games’. It is the prequel to the original ‘Rebel Galaxy’ game. It was initially released on the ‘Epic Games’ store on August 13, 2019. Then, was later released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on September 22, 2020.

5. Coyote

Coyote is hands down the best ship for players who like action and adrenaline. It may not be as fast as the avian ships but it has tons of power. And did I mention? It also has turrets. But you won’t need turrets if you can just zoom past your enemies. On the technical side, this ship has max level shields and has the fastest power recharge rate out of all the ships in the game!

4. Foxbat

It is another ship that is as fast as the Coyote. In fact many players suggest that the Foxbat is exactly like the Coyote with extra firepower. It is the only ship that travels at 400 m/s plus also has a turret mounted on it. Moreover, the Foxbat has five hardpoints which would be the most in the class. The only drawback I can think of this ship would be it’s lack of storage.

3. Sequoia

Just as the Foxbat is an upgraded version of the Coyote, Sequoia is also an upgraded version of the Sonora. It has a hold capacity of six more than that of the Sonora with the prospect of rank 3 shields and powerplants. Although it has no turret mount, it is still by far the best ship for storage. Plus, it’s only a little more expensive than the Sonora. So you can say it’s a bang for your buck.

2. Durston

Now this is a ship that can take a beating. With a max capacity hold of 44, this ship is considered by many just for transportation. Frankly, it is the best ship to deliver goods from one station to another but one should not forget the two turrets that this ship packs. It also has a rank 4 powerplant and shields which makes it difficult to take down. One of it’s drawback would be it’s speed which is really low but given the purpose of the Durston, It is not a huge hindrance.

1. Dingo

Easily one of the balanced ships in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw! It is fast, can be easily maneuverable, a decent cargo storage with a hold capacity of 18 along with max shields and power stations. It has a quick power recharge as well. So in short, all the good traits of other ships are packed inside this one. This is the reason why the Dingo is fan-favorite – it’s sheer reliability.

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