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Payday 2 is an action packed, four-player shooting game developed by Overkill Software and published by 505 Games.

Payday 2: Quartet with masks

It is a first person shooter video game of “Heists”. It involves every type of heist like bank heist, drug-trafficking, stealing nuclear weapons etc.  4 masked robbers/goons appear in the game and enters a bank to steal.

Payday 2

The first person needs to look after the people who are in bank and stop them from calling police. We receive extra bade of experienced if we are able to stop them. If the people managed to call police or ring alarm, the police will come and the shooting starts. You need to save yourself and run down from the bank.

Payday 2: What are Continental coins?

Continental coins are the specialized currency in the game that players acquire. They are used in buying weapons and upgrading the character.

Payday 2

We can earn coins by following activities:

  1. Gaining experience accordingly or increasing the number of hours on game.
  2. Completing daily Safe House Side jobs.
  3. Unlocking trophies which grant coins also.
  4. Processing through Crime Spree.
  5. Reaching the milestone and hence, getting a handsome amount.

Spending Continental coins:

Well, Spending is much easy both in game and real life indeed. There are in fact many ways in which you could spend coins.

Payday 2

They are:

  1. Upgrading rooms in Safe House: Upgrading the rooms require almost 24 coins with tier 3 while it cost 12 coins in tier 2. Upgrading whole house costs a grand total of 828 coins.
  2. Buying weapon mods: You can save yourself if you are a noobie by buying weapon mods.
  3. Crime Spree: Crime Spree cost 1 coins while stopping a spree makes you earn 6 coins. Similarly, we can spent 18 coins during the heist to purchase the specialized perks and re-roll in heists.
  4. Bots Upgrade: The AI crew updates at 2 coins and 6 for the ability upgrades.

Payday 2

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