Minecraft: Everything You Need To Know About Bloom

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Minecraft is a game that doesn’t need any introduction. Developed by Mojang Studios, it has over 100 million active users every month since 2021. The main reason for its success and longevity is its sandbox gameplay which grants absolute freedom to the players. Along with this, expansion packs and downloadable content keeps the game alive. Bloom is one such DLC that is liked by the majority of Minecraft gamers.

Minecraft: About Bloom Update?

Bloom is a free downloadable content for Minecraft that mainly focuses on gardening. It is a part of Minecraft Community Celebration and it is the last free map released by Minecraft. It features an abandoned garden in which the players can put their gardening skills to the test.

Minecraft: Everything You Need To Know About Bloom

Introduced by Gamemode One, it is one of the most enjoyable DLCs in Minecraft. This is because it offers a peaceful environment to the players. Here, the players can mind their own business without worrying about potential enemies.

Minecraft: Everything You Need To Know About Bloom

In Bloom, players can customize their garden and can grow more than 30 magical plants. Also, while growing plants, the players should water them frequently until they are fully grown. These fully grown plants are quite useful as will give magic pollen. The players can also decorate their garden with their creativity.


It features simple gameplay where the players take the role of a gardener. Along with handling flowers and plants, this DLC also features other activities. These include discovering unique plants and taking a nap in the woods.

Minecraft: Everything You Need To Know About Bloom

It also has naturistic gameplay where the players can feel and admire their surroundings. Along with maintaining various plants, the players can also explore some mysteries in the woods.

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