League of Legends Fan edition shut down

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League of legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games in 2009 where players can form teams of 5 and combat against their opponent team to defend their half of the map. This game has been free- to play and purchasable character customization is the source of monetization.

The game has been going strong since 2009 and has changed and developed drastically with the passage of time and frequent roll out of newer content through patches. Over time the patches have led to a difference in the overall gaming experience.

League of Legends Fan edition shut down

The Specially developed Fan Edition

Chronoshift, a legacy server, was specially designed by a group of League of Legends fans . This server would take players back and let them enjoy a decade old version of the MOBA.

Recently, Riot games, the developer of League of Legends issued a legal notice to the developers to stop working on this project effective immediately. The developers explained how riot tried to “extort” them despite the fact that Chromeshift does not interact or compete with the live version of League of Legends in any way and that they have been paying all the expenses from their own pockets.

The entire LoL community was really disappointed when the news broke out as legacy servers are quite popular among fans looking to experience the nostalgic gameplay experience.

The Legal Battle

The Chronoshift developers revealed that Riot had been quite impolite and aggressive with them and did not allow them to come to a mutually beneficial outcome which disappointed them.League of Legends Fan edition shut down

Riot explained that they are very protective and particular about their “valuable” intellectual property from conduct that “enables and encourages acts of copyright infringement,” which in turn “harm Riot, its business, and ultimately, its employees.” Moreover, in section three of Riot Games’ legal guidelines, the company prohibits the use of their characters, abilities, maps, icons, and any intellectual property in other games. Therefore they demanded that the folks at Chronoshift completely shut down their development and get rid of all the publicity and marketing content from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

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