Halo Infinite: Campaign Co-op Mode - Latest Updates

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Developed by 343 Industries, Halo Infinite is known for its impressive shooting gameplay and different game modes. Campaign Co-op is one such game mode that is similar to multiplayer mode. But, unlike the multiplayer mode, Campaign Co-op lets players team up against non-playable enemies. The fans of the Halo franchise are eagerly waiting to get this feature. Here are the latest updates related to Campaign Co-op mode.

Halo Infinite Campaign Co-op

Campaign Co-op mode is on the cards as 343 Industries officially announced in their recent roadmap update. This campaign involves a network co-op, a split-screen co-op, and a couch co-op. Though split-screen co-op and couch co-op are expected to release later this year, network co-op is set to release soon.

Halo Infinite: Campaign Co-op Mode - Latest Updates

Of these three, split-screen co-op has already created a buzz among the fans as it lets the players play on a single TV. Furthermore, Halo Infinite supports split-screen in various Xbox consoles. For example, Xbox One and Xbox One X consoles support two-player split-screen, while Xbox Series X|S supports four-player split-screen in Arena and two-player split-screen in Big Team.

Release Date

As per initial reports, the Campaign Co-op was set to launch along with the second season of Halo Infinite in May 2022. As season 2 stats on May 3, 2022, many expected Campaign Co-op to come out on the same date. But, the developers once again frustrated the players by delaying it. Despite its delay, it is expected to release at some point in Season 2.

Halo Infinite: Campaign Co-op Mode - Latest Updates

As far as the network co-op is concerned, it will release earlier than other modes. 343 Industries announced that it will come out in August this year. Also, the split-screen co-op will reach the players in November 2022.

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