Destiny 2: Ascendant Shards - Beginner's Guide

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Ascendant Shard is a type of resource in Destiny 2. Developed by Bungie, this game is one of the best first-person shooting games currently. Also, the success of the game is due to its various unique weapons and awesome gameplay. But, for these weapons to be epic or legendary, the players need Ascendant Shards. This article explains everything you need to know about this resource.

About Ascendant Shards

As mentioned earlier, Ascendant Shard is a resource in Destiny 2 which is used to unlock exotic items and legendary weapons. But, it is a rare resource that can be difficult to gather.

Destiny 2: Ascendant Shards - Beginner's Guide

The players need to focus on this resource because it helps in upgrading the guardian. Also, this in turn helps the players to proceed fast in the game. There are many many methods to get this and some of those are more effective than others.

Acquiring This Resource

For those players who like to spend money on the game, buying the season pass is the best option. This is the easiest way and the players will get three Ascendant Shards from the season pass.

Destiny 2: Ascendant Shards - Beginner's Guide

But not all players can afford this. So, those players should try to complete Nightfall Strikes. Though this is one way to get it, only Master and Grandmaster difficulty will fetch this resource in the drop.

Destiny 2: Ascendant Shards - Beginner's Guide

Another way to get this resource is by dismantling old exotic gears. This will fetch two Ascendant Shards to players. Also, the players can buy this from Ada-1 and Banshee-44. The players can visit them to buy the resource in exchange for other resources. However, the players will get only one shard per visit.

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