Everything You Need To Know About Catalyst Black

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Who doesn’t love a shooting game that has almost all bases covered? Catalyst Black is one such game that can be played on Android and iOS. American gaming company Super Evil Megacorp developed this epic shooting game. Here are the latest updates about this third-person shooting game.

Catalyst Black

Catalyst Black is an online multiplayer shooting game developed by Super Evil Megacorp. In this game, the players can use various customizable gears to compete against each other. Upon its release, many players of other games such as Vainglory also had an interest in this. This is because both these games are from the same developer.

Everything You Need To Know About Catalyst Black

It is a magical game which takes place in a fantasy world. Furthermore, the players are divided into two teams and a goal is set for both of them. A team which completes the goal first wins the game. Also, here the players are referred to as Chosens and each team has ten or more Chosens.

Release Date and Latest Updates

Super Evil Megacorp first announced this game under Project Spellfire on November 16, 2019. It was later released recently on May 25, 2022. After its release, many players and pundits gave positive reviews about this game. Also, it received decent ratings from top reviewers across the world. This proved that the game is a success.

Everything You Need To Know About Catalyst Black

As far as gameplay is concerned, it follows battleground gameplay. As mentioned earlier, the players can customise their weapons to give them an edge during the battle. Moreover, all players will have access to 30 guns and 12 abilities. This game also has three game modes namely PvP, PvE and PvEvP. All these things combined to make this a successful game.

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