Mafia 3 is an award-winning narrative masterpiece game which let you live the life of a gangster. The game was developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K games.

Mafia 3: An Uncontrolled Adventure

The game released in 2016 for Play station, Xbox and Windows. It is sequel to Mafia 2 and third game in the franchise.

Mafia 3 Cheat codes

The game is about a character Lincoln’s Clay. His family, the Black mob is betrayed and killed by Italian Mafia. So, he builds a new family and blazes the path of revenge.

The game has many tasks for example like building new family, taking revenge and kill goons with sharpest snipers!!

Mafia 3: most required Cheat codes

Mafia 3 Cheat codes

Mafia 3 Cheat codes are the silver lining during games. You can even take thousands of bullets on your body and in some seconds, you can heal up…totally no worries.

Here are some of the most used codes

  1. Sure Thing, Boss: Unlock all Associates.
  2. IRA Don’t Ask: Complete all of Burke’s side-missions.
  3. I Need a Favour: Complete all of Vito’s side-missions.
  4. .45 in My Hand: Complete all of Cassandra’s side-missions.
  5. Cash in Hand: Save $150,000 between your wallet and the bank.

Easy “One Good Turn” achievement:

It is likely you will get this achievement naturally. Hence, get a fast car and drive along the highway. Then, pull the handbrake and finally, steer left or right. You have to make a 180 degree or more turn accordingly. Make sure you are driving fast enough or it will not count .

General Tips for Mafia 3:

Mafia 3 Cheat codes

  1. A menu option allows you to switch between lethal and non-lethal takedowns. This will also let you minimize the number of casualties, if you wish so.
  2. Besides, Civilians will react after they see you running around with a weapon at the ready.
  3. They might try to call the police indeed, but you’ll have the opportunity to stop them.

To conclude, these are some tips and tricks for the Mafia 3. So, play and enjoy!!

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