Walker season 2 episode 07¬ - Release Date, Plot Spoilers and Latest Updates

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Walker is an American action crime drama television series currently airing on The CW. The show is quite popular among fans. In February 2021, the second season of the show was given a green signal. The show is a reboot of the 1990s western drama television series Walker: Texas Ranger. Read this article to know more about the latest updates.

Release Date

Walker season 2, episode 07 will release on Thursday, January 13th, 2022 on The CW Network. If you have missed the earlier episodes, you can watch them on The CW Network’s official website.

Walker season 2 episode 07 -Latest Updates

Walker season 2 Cast

The episode will feature Jared Padalecki, Keegan Allen, Coby Bell, Violet Brinson, Kale Culley, Molly Hagan, Genevieve Padalecki, Jeff Pierre, and Mitch Pileggi. Guest cast members include Alex Landi, Gabriela Flores, Alex Meneses, Leticia Jimenez, Schelle Purcell, and Jeffrey Nordling.

Walker season 2 episode 07 -Latest Updates

Sadly, the fans won’t see Lindsey Morgan back as she has decided to exit the show. She played the character of Micki Ramirez on the show.

Walker Season 2, Episode 07 Story (Spoilers)

The title for this episode is a strong clue as to what sort of drama is ahead: “Where Do We Go From Here”. You look at that, and it’s easy to comprehend that it’s all about how Walker adjusts to his life now without his partner.

Walker season 2 episode 07 -Latest Updates

If you haven’t seen the full Walker season 2, episode 07 synopsis, read it below. It offers a few hints for what lies ahead:

“Things are tense between Walker and Liam after Liam called in a false warrant on Dan Miller; Captain James informs the brothers that Serano’s lawyers are using Liam’s mistake as a way to set the criminal free.”

Walker season 2 episode 07 -Latest Updates

The writer and producer of the show are Anna Fricke, and Dan Lin, Lindsay Liberatore, and Jared Padalecki are the executive producers. The first episode of the show aired on January 21, 2021.

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