Tianqiu Treasure Trail Genshin Impact - Beginner's Guide

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Genshin Impact is a Chinese role-playing game. This game was developed by miHoYo and was released in 2020. Currently, it is one of the most played games in the world. The anime based graphics and unique gameplay make this a must-try for game lovers. Also, it features many interesting missions with awesome rewards. One such mission is the Tianqiu Treasure Trail quest and this article features a guide for beginners regarding this quest.

About Tianqiu Treasure Trail Quest

Though this is a simple mission, beginners may get stuck in this. To start the mission, the players should talk to an NPC named Lan after reaching rank 31. Lan is the guide for the players and she will be found in the Harbour of Liyeu, a nation in Tevyat. Also, the players should gather necessary details regarding the quest from her.

Tianqiu Treasure Trail Genshin Impact - Beginner's Guide

With the help of Lan, the player should head to the waypoint on the map. Here, the players can access the treasure map by killing the monsters in the region.

Completing the Quest

After getting the treasure map, the players should head towards the marked location. The marked region is a site in the northern Dunyu Ruins. After reaching the location, the players will find a note after going through the scrolls and books in the area.

Tianqiu Treasure Trail Genshin Impact - Beginner's Guide

By doing so, another three locations will be marked on the treasure map. The players should go to each of the three locations. Furthermore, the players should find the spots to dig. After doing so, the players will receive a special chest in each location. Next, the players must report to Lan and will receive Parametric Transformer, a mysterious artefact as a reward.

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