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Mercenary Enrollment is a manga series released on 6th November, 2020. It is written by Y.C. and illustrated by Rak Hyun. The series appeared on Naver, a platform for comics and books. Navier Webtoon has also published the series in a book form.

Mercenary Enrollment Plot

The series is all about Action, High-School Drama, Romance and School life. It revolves around a boy Yu Ijin. Yu Ijin is the protagonist and the sole survivor of a plane crash when he was only 4-year-old. His parents had died in a plane crash. After surviving the plane crash, he became a teenage mercenary to survive for 10 years.

Mercenary Enrollment

After all these years, he somehow returns his home to live a quiet life. There he finds his sister and grandfather. He also joins school where he finds that there are lots of bullies in the school. These bullies tease her sister and also create nuisance everywhere. Now, this teenage mercenary is prepared to use all his military skills to do whatever is necessary to protect his family.

Chapter 66 Release date and Recap

The chapter 66 is all set to release on 2nd January 2022. In the previous chapter of series we saw, Ijin took a leave from school for a mission. He needs to save 032. A group of vigilantes abducts 032. Ijin needs to bring back 032 safely. It is the time when Ijin faces 004. The fight is already “talk of the town”. The combat skills used to kill the people and hurt 032 belongs to 004. So, Ijin is ready to take on 004.

Mercenary Enrollment

In chapter 66, we will see Ijin fights 004. Both lose their weapons and starts pulling out punches on each-other. So, this is a next level fight, a fight of two mercenaries. Shin worries about Yu’s safety in the mission. Soldiers safeguard 032 and take him back to the medical center. While in the school, as Ijin disappears, pupils and teacher note the absence of their classmate.

Mercenary Enrollment

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