Kingdom Chapter 702 is the Japanese manga series epsiode written by Yasuhisa Hara. It provides a fictionalized plot of the war orphan Xin who later fights to become the greatest general and reunite China first time in history.

Manga Kingdom Chapter 702

Kingdom Chapter 702: Release date and Background

Kingdom will release Chapter 702 on 6th December 2021. The manga series depicts the Warring States fictionally over a 500-year period of time.

Manga Kingdom Chapter 702

The plot of Kingdom depicts the journey of an orphaned kid Xin. He is born under the influence of war. Later, he and his friends raise their level and fight tough battles to become the greatest General. His aim however, is to reunite China under the same sky. The manga appeared weekly in Shueisha’s Young jump since 2006.

 Kingdom: Recap to previous chapters

Manga Kingdom Chapter 702

In the past few chapters of the series, we saw that Zhao and Qin are at the verge of war. King Sei has been too far with the bloodshed by using Kanki as the most lethal weapon. Now the people from other side will take the revenge for the bloodshed by Kanki.

Kingdom Chapter 702: Spoilers

The upcoming chapters show that Kanki and Ousen’s charges towards Heiyou and Bujou.

Kanki will siege the capital but Ousen will be facing the commander-in-chief Riboku that will be indeed, a very tough challenge.

Kingdom Chapter 702: Reviews and Critics

As they sayin a word, “Old is Gold”, Kingdom has also gained much popularity by creating and visualizing the ancient China. The strength of series lies in its world building and pacing. The masterpiece looks like the cross of One Piece and Berserk with some history adding the flavors to the piece.

In fact, it has been the Second-Best series in world and First Best series in Japan with so many episodes. It showcases the realistic issues faced in a war accordingly and relates with audience’s views. It brings the real truth of wars and again the truth, how war can be diplomatic. In the same way, rich get richer and a poor gets crushed in the hard times. With these critical issues, finally it also blows us by revealing the rich history of China.

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