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The King’s Beast Volume 5 by Rei Toma was published by VIZ Media LLC and further; distributed by Simon and Schuster. A smoldering tale of romance and revenge set in the world during the New York Times bestseller Dawn of the Arcana. Ajin is no more considered a beast. Later on, there are many other interesting facts that make the book amazingly beautiful.

The King's Beast Volume 5 Everything Worth Knowing

The book unfolds different things in the chapters as we read. Let’s take a look through what is in the fifth Volume of the book.

The King’s Beast Volume 5 Release Date

With an amazing storyline, The King’s Beast Volume 5 is very popular amongst bookworms. The bookworms who are so eager in reading the very new release are super excited for the release. The book is expected to pave its path in the reader’s world by February 2022.

The King's Beast Volume 5 Everything Worth Knowing

Moreover, there are numerous other plots that will make it more interesting to read the book. Readers till then are expected to read the previous volumes and maintain a link for the upcoming release.

Book Description

Ajin boys show some signs that convey special abilities which are conscripted for serving in the imperial palace. The beasts, servants, shields, and status symbols for the royal masters are to be kept or discarded on a whim. During Rangetsu’s childhood, her twin brother Sogetsu was taken off her arms for the sake of attending as a beast-servant for Prince Tenyou; where he fell a victim to bloody dynastic intrigues.

In order to get her brother back with high hopes; Rangetsu looks for a way to enter the palace in the disguise of a man. Will she be able to rescue her brother? Will she find out her way? How will the further half of the book be?

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