Skyrim Best Light Armors - Everything You Need To Know

A good offensive and defensive gameplay is a testimony to any great action RPG. In this regard, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a no brainer. Developed by Bethesda, it is one of the best action games even after being a decade old. This game involves dangerous explorations and various other quests such as dragon slaying. So, while encountering such deadly challenges, the players should up their defensive game along with their offence. This is where the armors become lifesavers. Here are the top five light armors in Skyrim.

Skyrim: Top Five Light Armors

5. Guild Master’s Armor

The Guild Master’s Armor is certainly one of the best in the game with an armor rating of 76. Though it has underwhelming looks, it performs well where it has to perform, in defence. The players can get this armor by first completing the main quest for the Thieves Guild. Then the players should do some favours for Delvin and Vex.

4. Chitin Armor

Skyrim Best Light Armors - Everything You Need To Know

Just like the Guild Master’s Armor, the Chitin Armor is right up with the best. This armor looks similar to the Morag Tong armor, but it has better stats with an armor rating of 85. Though it can be found around the Solstheim region, the players can also craft it using the Netch leather, Chitin plate and iron ingot. To do so, the players should unlock the Elven Smithing perk. Also, the player should be above Smithing level 30.

3. Glass Armor

Skyrim Best Light Armors - Everything You Need To Know

Many players underestimate the Glass Armor because of its name. But, it has impressive stats with an armor rating of 103. The players can craft this armor using refined malachite, refined moonstone, leather and leather strips. Before this, the players should unlock the Glass Smithing perk and should be at Smithing level 70.

2. Stalhrim Light Armor

Skyrim Best Light Armors - Everything You Need To Know

The Stalhrim Light Armor is created from Stalhrim ore and its armor rating is 108. To craft this the players should have Ebony Smithing perk and should reach Smithing Level 80. The players will also need some ingredients such as leather strips, Stalhrim, steel ingots and quicksilver ingots. The players can also buy this armor from NPCs.

1. Dragonscale Armor

The Dragonscale armor takes the crown for the best light armor in Skyrim. It has a mind-blowing armor rating of 111. Crafting is the better option for the players to get this armor. To do so, the Dragon Armor perk must be unlocked. The players should also reach Smithing level 100 to proceed with this.

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