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We all have heard of soulmates, but we have rarely seen people having common work relationship and being a part of each other’s life. Well, one such relationship is of the grand duo Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago. The couple stays together, loves each other and is most popularly know for it’s Dynamic Duo on stage and in parties.

What exactly is this duo famous for? Want to know, we have got that covered.

The Start Of A Relationship

Looking for a great duo to light up all your parties? Then, Laura and Ben is to duo to go for. The amazing enthusiasm and the rocking environment created by the duo is something to look forward too. The ideal ambience of listening to music while the sun is setting with live saxophones freestyles and DJ is the way the couple swears by.

Laura And Ben

Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago met each other in Ibiza and fell in love with each other’s honesty, compassion and dedication. After meeting each other, they decided to marry each other and take ‘Their’ work relationship together forward. Lovely Laura is a saxophonist and her beats are to die for, while Ben Santiago is a skilled house DJ who can make you groove easily on any song.

Laura And Ben

The couple have dominated some of the most leading parties in town through their unique vibe, passion and chemistry. They have now gone worldwide with their jamming vibe. Their live performances are full of energy and have never failed to touch the mark of excellence.

From Relationship To Workship

Laura and Ben worked individually till they met each other and fell in love. Their relationship paved a great way for they to build their relationship and work on the never ending chemistry. Soon, they started working together as a duo taking up events in Ibiza and nearby areas. They have described their style as uplifting music with killer saxophone.

Laura And Ben

In an interview, they told how they work together on the simplest of the projects with great dedication. They keep trying with new records that work well with the saxophone. They work in the studio sometimes separately on personal tracks and sometimes on combines projects. With the objective to make their audience enjoy and uplift their mood the duo is a total HIT!

Laura And Ben

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