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Hunter x Hunter’s scary and close-knit Phantom Troupe is famed for their numerous successful heists and astronomical corpse count. The initial members, led by Chrollo Lucilfer, are all Meteor City natives, but the roster has altered throughout time.


Uvogin’s tragic death left an imprint of melancholy on Hunter x Hunter, despite the fact that he was the first Spider to die. Uvogin was the first illustration of the Phantom Troupe’s terrible force, displaying not just tremendous physical strength but also tenacious endurance and commitment. Uvogin exemplified what it meant to be an Enhancer, enhancing his physical form to the point that he could weaponize his entire body and his skin worked as a near-impenetrable shield.


Machi is the first true Spider in Hunter x Hunter, and her Nen Stitches set the standard high for the rest of the Troupe. Machi’s classmates clearly see her as capable and powerful after winning Hisoka’s approval and being chosen as a guard for two of the most prominent Spiders. Her primary skill is the adaptability of her Nen, which she excels at stealth and is incredibly physically resistant.


Feitan, the Troupe’s master tormentor, is a Conjurer who took over as acting commander while Chrollo was away. Despite his reserved demeanour and humble demeanour, Feitan has shown to be one of the group’s most capable members. Despite “not being at his best,” he is able to decapitate many mafia guards barehanded and continuously evade and parry Zazan’s assaults, at one point moving so swiftly that he becomes unnoticeable.


The Phantom Troupe’s enigmatic leader, unsurprisingly, has more than earned his spot as the Spider’s leader. Chrollo is without a doubt one of Hunter x Hunter’s most powerful characters, as evidenced by his numerous victories. The two oldest Zoldycks see him as a threat. Moreover, Zeno believes that if Chrollo had tried harder during their fight, he might have been able to kill him.


Despite the fact that he just joined the Troupe at Hisoka’s request. Illumi is inducted as a legitimate member, assuming a place alongside his brother, Kalluto, as the new 11th Spider. Illumi masters the entire gamut of Manipulator skills at his leisure, using his needles as conduits. He has the ability to change his appearance, puppeteer both living and dead bodies, and control his mind.

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