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Gold Rush is one of the most fascinating shows this year. It has been going on for years but not many people know about it because it airs on the discovery channel. The show is back with it’s 12th season and now would be a perfect time for new viewers to start watching it. Lets discuss why.

Plot: Gold Rush

Gold Rush chronicles the lives of ambitious gold prospectors as they travel north in search of riches. The stakes are bigger than ever before, with new miners, new claims, new machinery, and new techniques to extract gold from the dirt. Will taking enormous risks, however, result in even bigger rewards?

It’s a reality show that airs on Discovery and its affiliates around the world. The series covers the attempts of different family-run mining businesses to mine placer gold, especially in the Klondike region of Dawson City, Yukon, Canada, as well as Alaska, USA. Prior seasons included mining attempts in South America and western North America, and the show is now in its 12th season as of early 2021.

Spinoff: Gold Rush Winter’s Fortune

When winter arrives strong and the gold-rich ground freezes over. One mining season comes to an end and the fight for the next begins. To be successful, they’ll have to battle against arctic conditions, including subfreezing temperatures and mountains of snow.

The first episode of the spin-off aired on July 30, 2021. Because to the COVID-19 epidemic, Tony Beets, Rick Ness, Dave Turin, Fred Lewis, and Dustin Hurt are spending the off-season prospecting, scouting, and planning for the 2021 season. Winter’s Fortune took place primarily in Yukon and Alaska. It sits decorated amongst other specials. Hoffman Family Gold, Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue, Dave Turin’s Lost Mine, White Water, Parker’s Trail, and many more.

Recap & Updates

In the previous episode, In a sea of Rally Valley overburden, Rick finds a pay layer. The team’s gold output at California Creek is sped up by Fred, culminating in a terrible setback. Tony is dead set on putting a stop to his wet pay dirt woes.

There has been absolutely zero buzz about the 18th episode yet. But, according to the history of the show, the next episode should release on the 4th of February but Covid has delayed production before and anything could happen. This is the reason the production company never upload their release date so early.

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