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Death in Paradise is the quintessential detective-comedy show. It is quite underrated. This is because its hype is not as much as other British comedies. In any case, the new season 11 dropped on the 7th of January and it has been going well since then. Lets discuss the future of the show and what it could possibly have in store for us.

Plot: Death in Paradise

On the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie, British detective Richard Poole arrives. He has the job of investigating the death of a British police officer. Following his discovery of the murderer, his superiors order him to replace the victim. He has no option but to continue as the island’s detective inspector, much to his dismay, solving new crimes as they arise and becoming the target of many fish-out-of-water jokes.

Spoiler alert! Richard Poole dies. He is replaced by a plethora of other clumsy, comedic detectives Humphrey Goodman & Jack Mooney till season 9. DI Neville Parker, his replacement, dislikes staying on the island at first and suffers from severe allergies, particularly to mosquito bites. He only comes to the island to sign off on a case because they need a British detective, but he is obliged to stay longer after an illness puts him momentarily unable to travel. He eventually decides to stay on the island and adapts to the island lifestyle.

Season 10 recap

Season 10 ended with us wondering if Neville followed through on his declaration. Did he express his feelings for Florence, or did he change his mind and wish her luck on her date? It’s impossible to say how Florence might have reacted if he had opened out to her.

She worked hard to assist Neville overcome his worries as he acclimated to life on the island, and he was there for Florence on the anniversary of her fiancé Patrice’s death. The two have developed a sweet bond, but does she share his emotions?

What could happen next?

Perhaps Commissioner Patterson will warm up to Neville beyond his grudging admiration for his sleuthing abilities? After watching Neville mature over the past several weeks, there’s a chance we’ll see him in a more relaxed light. However, JP’s departure has left a void. The sergeant was a fan favorite and a fixture on the show for six years. He will be missed.

When Death in Paradise returns to the screen, we shall be introduced to JP’s replacement. Is it possible that a previous character may return to the show? Tim Key, the show’s executive producer, recently hinted that he wouldn’t rule out bringing Dwayne Myers back if the script demanded it.

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