Blade Runner: Black Lotus is a Japanese-American anime series based on the Blade Runner franchise. The first episode of the series released on 14th November, 2021. The series later takes us to the missing years of Blade Runner.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus – Critics and Reviews

With the premiere of the series on 14th November, the reviews had lot to say. The sci-fi series sets in year 2032 and deals with the post black-outs between Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049. Though it captures the overall vibes of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner of 1982, the CG animation in the series is overwhelming. The all-time tradition of blurring replicant and human continues but this time indeed, with a female character in lead.

 Blade Runner: Black Lotus Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date

Till now, we have seen 5 episodes (5th episode will release on 5 December) of the series. The 6th will be hitting the digital arena on 12th December 2021.

Blade Runner Black Lotus Season 1 Episode 6

Blade Runner: Black Lotus is produced by Sola Digital Arts with Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama which are known to be the most creative directors. The series has total 13 episodes in which 5 are released.

Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 6 Spoilers

The episode is titled as “The Persistence of Memory”. It shows how Elle, the main character of series breaks out into homes of enemies. She seeks revenge and forces to take hostages. The Chief Grant calls in reinforcements.

Blade Runner Black Lotus Season 1 Episode 6

Till now, we have seen that Elle founds out that she is a replicant and fights around humans to prove herself. The mixed combination of human emotions and a replicant’s combat skill makes her different from everyone. The most amazing things to watch are the fighting skills. Elle mostly uses bows and arrows and her sword which connects us to the Japanese Samurai.

Blade Runner Black Lotus Season 1 Episode 6

Finally, the anime has also got some pretty action and the animations are marvelous. Like the other movies in franchise, this series has also created much suspense with a very heavy plot. The journey and the adventure go hand in hand.

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