Stardew Valley Winter: Five Ways To Maximize This Season

Stardew Valley features four seasons namely Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring. Of these four winter is the hardest season for the players. Many gamers especially beginners struggle to get through this period. This is because the players can’t farm during winter. This article features the best five practices to do to get through the winter season.

Best Five Ways to Make the Most of Winter

5. Mining

Stardew Valley Winter: Five Ways To Maximize This Season

Generally, mining can be hard during other seasons as the players will not have sufficient time for this. So, winter is the best time to head towards mines as the players can’t farm during this period. This also provides valuable ores and other precious gems to the players. With these resources, players can upgrade several tools and machines.

4. Fishing

Stardew Valley Winter: Five Ways To Maximize This Season

Though fishing can be done even during other seasons, some fishes are only found during winter. This also helps to improve the fishing skills of the players and can fetch some bucks. Also, this will be handy during the Festival of Ice.

3. Monster Hunt

Stardew Valley Winter: Five Ways To Maximize This Season

The players can also slay monsters during their time in the mines. By doing so, the players can get rare items and some personal accessories as rewards. For example. the players will get a Slime Charmer Ring after killing 1000 wild slimes. This also prevents damage from future wild slime attacks.

2. Building Relationships

Another useful way of spending winter is to involve in a relationship with NPCs. The players can even marry and have children with them. While the male protagonist can romance any of the six bachelorettes, the female lead character can marry any of the six bachelors.

1. Collecting Supplies

In Stardew Valley there is a constant need for supplies for the farm, So, winter is the perfect time to gather those extra supplies. This includes gathering stone, wood, ore, etc. This will be useful in the future.

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