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One Punch Man is a Japanese Superhero franchise created by artist One. The series has a huge fanbase and it has a digital remake on Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump website in June 2012.

One Punch Man Synopsis

The series talks about a man Saitama who has a super punch. He appears as a superhero who can defeat his enemies by a single punch. As we go ahead in series, we find that boredom sets in his life as he is unable to find a worthy opponent to his growing skills. He joins Hero Association which takes heroes having superpowers.

One Punch Man

They rank them according to a test and send them to fight the enemies and aliens. Saitama scores low in the exam and hence gets a low position. One day, a monster enemy appears who wins everyone. Saitama wants to try his skill on the enemy but the monster survives his one punch also. Consequently, several heroes collect together and fight the big monster and the Monster Association. Artist One wrote the webcomic in early 2009.

Chapter 156

According to sources, mostly, the new chapters release on the first Saturday of the month or the last Saturday of the month. So, we can assume that One Punch Man Chapter 156 will release on either January 8, 2022, or January 23, 2022.

One Punch Man

The previous chapter of One Punch Man was quite something. The chapter was so full of action that fans were really appreciating the concept of the speed shown. For those who don’t know, the previous chapter of One Punch Man featured the battle between Platinum Sperm vs Flashy Flash vs Garou God Form. Let’s not forget or ignore the fact that Garou managed to overwhelm both of them without any problem. Now, fans are super eager to know further details regarding One Punch Man Chapter 156. Let’s wait for the next release.

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