How Much Is A Smart Table Cost

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We all have heard of smart laptops, blackboards but have you ever heard of smart table? Yes, you heard that right. Smartech launched the smart table in 2008. The table is made to cater the needs of people from all age groups. The table serves the purpose of an entertainment and a educational table.

Want to know more about the table? We have covered all the minute details in this article.

Smart Table: Smart Choice

The Smart table has been released for the first time. With the advancement of technology, smart tables have been launched as an aid for the new generation to cater to their needs especially for the early learning of the new generation. The computer is versed with gesture recognition with the help of Smart whiteboard that can scan and print image.

How Much Is A Smart Table

It has smart Digital Vision Touch enabling the table to sense through the fingers on the screen. It is a social, captivating tool that will help students to get excited about learning enhancing their social and academic skills. It has a multi-touch and multi-user capability with gesture recognition and high customizability.

How Much Is A Smart Table

How Much Is A Smart Table Cost and Features

  • Active Small group collaboration: The multi user feature enables upto 8 students to learn together while interacting with each other.
  • Extensive Content and resources: It comes with 1500 pre-installed activities that is directly accessible from the Smart Exchange website.
  • High Quality Display: The Smart table comes with a 42″ LCD screen, 1080p display free of shades and glares with high quality colours and lighting to enable better working.

How Much Is A Smart Table

  • Rugged Design And Easy set-up: The Smart table can support 200 lb weight. The screen is scratch and spill resistant. It comes with an easy set up with just 30 minutes complete usage.
  • UDL Friendly: The table enables the students to learn in multiple ways with interactive lessons to express themselves. The content is customizable to accommodate the needs of special students.
  • High Mobility: The design can move from classroom to classroom allowing high interaction.
  • Virtual User Group: The monthly live events connect you to people from different classrooms.
  • Warranty and built in Wi-Fi: The Table comes with a two year warranty period and Wi-Fi for better connectivity.

How Much Is A Smart Table


The table is inexpensive with regards to the features it provides. It comes in just $7,000 and the pricing differs according to the product customization.

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