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David Robin Jones, professionally known as David Bowie, was an actor, singer and songwriter. He was very famous in music industry. David is considered as one of the most influential musician in 20th century.

Early Life

David Robert Jones was born on 8th January 1947 in Brixton, London. He attended Burnt Ash junior school in 1955. His voice was considered as adequate in his school choir. He had his heavenly voice since birth. His father brings some albums of various singers and he inspired by them. David Bowie studied art, music and designing.

David Bowie Last Pic


David Bowie formed his first band, the Konrads, at the age of 15. The Konrads had a line up of 4 to 8 members and they play guitar rock and roll in weddings or parties. He left the group due to some issues and joined another group. Leslie Conn recognised his talent and became his personal management contract. Conn started promoting Bowie. Bowie’s debut single was Liza Jane. He started gaining popularity with some other songs in later years, and he soon considered as one of the most influential musicians of 20th century.

David Bowie Last Pic

David Bowie Last Pic

David Bowie’s last photo can easily be remembered. His last photoshoot was done to promote his album: blackstar. He dressed in a black suit designed by Thom Browne.

David Bowie Last Pic


On 10th January 2016, 2 days after his birthday and his 28th album release, David Bowie died due to liver cancer. He had been diagnosed from 18 months but he never spoke about his health and conditions publicly.

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