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Cream Puff Cookie is one of the most popular characters in the game Cookie Run Kingdom. She is also that rare of a character to acquire in the game. She is an ‘epic’ character and her main purpose would be that of a supporting character.

Cookie Run Kingdom: Plot

Cookie Run: Kingdom is the eighth game in the Cookie Run series, and it will be released worldwide in Winter 2020 and in English on January 21, 2021. Instead of the original game’s endless-runner structure, it merges real-time battle strategy with city-building, with a diverse cast of distinct Cookies and a customized Kingdom.

Cream Puff Cookie - Everything you need to know

It depicts the story of Cookies who build their own kingdom to call home. They visit other ancient Kingdoms, face terrible Cake Monsters, and solve the mysteries of the Ancient Heroes who vanished from the globe during their adventures.

Cream Puff Cookie

Cream Puff Cookie was originally introduced as an epic cookie along with ‘Latte Cookie’. They were both introduced in the first half of the ‘Beacons of Unity’ update but it was Cream Puff who took up the leading role in the ‘Lights the beacons’ storyline.

Cream Puff Cookie - Everything you need to know

A cookie is an innocent & sweet young cookie who dreams to be a wizard one day. But, she has issues with her confidence and clumsiness. Despite these issues, she fails to give up and aspires to help the rest of the cookies with her magic.

How to get Cream Puff Cookie?

The only way to get her is through the new Guild system of the game. The first step in obtaining Cream Puff Cookie is to join or start a guild. Players will then be able to participate in daily guild check-in presents, guild battles, and the guild gacha system. Players can earn the special cash needed for the guild gacha by engaging in daily guild events such as guild battles and helping the guild level up.

Cream Puff Cookie - Everything you need to know

As previously stated, the guild gacha does not take crystals as a form of payment for pulls, therefore players must earn their pulls by participating in guild events. In addition to guild experience potions, numerous Cookie toppings, a guild gacha-exclusive treasure, Cream Puff Cookie’s soul stones, and Cream Puff Cookie herself, the guild gacha delivers a special guild gacha-exclusive prize. Unlike the main gacha, the guild gacha does not feature a mileage system, therefore players will have to rely exclusively on the chance to obtain Cookie. She is one of the rarest to acquire. But, she is not a part of some limited event so players have ample amount of time to keep trying.

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