Coraline: Three Best Fan Theories - Latest Updates

Coraline is an American animated horror film released in 2009. Henry Selick who is famous for The Nightmare Before Christmas directed this film. The movie is an intense horror drama that runs for about 100 minutes. Also, Coraline gained many positive reviews from pundits and it is one of the best-animated horror films in the world. Moreover, this movie gets even more interesting with some terrifying fan theories. With the involvement of fans and the presence of social media, there is no shortage of theories. This article features the top 3 best fan theories related to Coraline.

Top 3 Coraline Fan Theories

3. Is Beldam a mother?

Coraline: Three Best Fan Theories - Latest Updates

Beldam is the antagonist in Coraline. Her motive is to manipulate and subdue the children. But, why is she doing this? A fan theory answers this question. The theory claims that the boy in the painting “The Boring Blue Boy” is actually the son of Beldam. Also, by the theory, her son is diseased and died in the Pink Palace. Because of this personal loss, Beldam preys on other childer to recapture her son’s memory.

2. Mr. Bobinsky and the Chernobly

Coraline: Three Best Fan Theories - Latest Updates

Mr. Bobinsky is the neighbour of Coraline. Many fans were intrigued by his blue coloured skin tone. A theory claims that Bobinsky is from Chernobyl. And, the badge in his chest is proof of this. So, he might have got that blue colour due to overexposure to radiation.

1. Did Beldam Win? She did.

Coraline: Three Best Fan Theories - Latest Updates

This is the most interesting fan theory as it claims that Beldam actually won in her intentions. Towards the end of the movie, Coraline sees her parents in a snow globe. Fans claim that this is not an illusion as Beldam isn’t capable enough to do this outside the Other World and Beldom actually imprisoned her parents. So, many fans declared Beldam as the winner.

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