All you need to know about Angel Digimon

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Digimon or digital monsters have many different species. We know about some of them, while others are still unknown. Angels in Digimon are somewhat similar to gods of the digital world. In angel species, we have three great  Angel Digimon  namely: Seraphimon, Cherubimon and Ofanimon. In this article, we will explore them one by one.


 Seraphimon is one of the Celestial Digimon (Three Archangels) meant to execute the enlightened God’s laws. It has ten golden wings and possesses silver armour. The true identity of Seraphimon is unknown and hidden. Also, in terms of power, it is close to God, and it is said that it will descend to purify everything after defeating all the evils. Another interesting fact to know is that the Demon Lord Digimon was originally a Seraphimon before falling into the Dark Area.

All you need to know about Angel Digimon


Cherubimon is one of the three archangels Digimon, and its primary task is to protect the spirits of darkness, earth, wood, water, and steel. In terms of appearance, it looks like a beast with lightning strikes (known as Heaven’s Judgement) as divine punishments. It also wears a holy ring on each of its ears.

All you need to know about Angel Digimon


Ofanimon is the third angel of Celestial Digimon, who is responsible for the preservation of love and life in the digital world. It also protects the spirits of flames, light and thunder and was responsible for banishing the former Angel-species Cho-Hakkaimon from heaven. From an outside look, Ofanimon has ten golden wings with green armour and a spear in hand. However, under the mask, it has blonde hair and blue eyes.

All you need to know about Angel Digimon

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