All Six Bachelorettes In Stardew Valley - Complete Guide

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Stardew Valley is a role-playing game released in 2016. Developed by Eric Barone, this game is primarily about farming along with animal husbandry, fishing, mining, etc. But what makes this game different is a feature for the players to involve in a relationship with non-playable characters. At the beginning of the game, the players can choose either a male or female lead character. By doing so, the male character can have a relationship with bachelorettes while the female protagonist can do the same with bachelors. This article features all the bachelorettes in Stardew Valley.

All Six Bachelorettes in Stardew Valley

1. Haley

All Six Bachelorettes In Stardew Valley - Complete Guide

Haley is a beautiful young woman with blonde hair. She like photography, coconuts, sunflower, fruit salad, etc. Her character doesn’t have the necessary depth and she is often the least preferred bachelorette for marriage. Also, she is the least rewarding bachelorette among the six women.

2. Abigail

All Six Bachelorettes In Stardew Valley - Complete Guide

Abigail is regarded by many Stardew players as the best lady to marry. This is because she will offer valuable gifts to the players after marriage. Though she can be weird sometimes she is definitely a valuable spouse. In addition to this, she is interested in video games and sword fighting

3. Emily

All Six Bachelorettes In Stardew Valley - Complete Guide

Emily is the easiest bachelorette for a relationship as the players can get close to her quite easily. Also, she is found most of the time in the saloon during night time. Emily is a unique character who likes expensive gifts such as rubies, emeralds, topazes. She also likes wool and other clothing-related items.

4. Leah

All Six Bachelorettes In Stardew Valley - Complete Guide

Leah is a talented woman who likes painting and carving sculptures. But she is a woman low on confidence. So the players can impress her by encouraging her to pursue her passion. The players can also get her by using wine. Along with wine she also likes goat cheese, salad, truffles.

5. Maru

Maru is a talented young woman with an interest in medicine and science. So is so brilliant that she even invents a highly sentient robot. Like Emily, Maru also likes expensive gifts. This includes diamonds, gold bars, iridium bars, miner’s treat, pepper poppers.

6. Penny

Penny is a very humble woman who lives with her mother. Also, she is so mature for her young age. She dislikes unhealthy habits like consuming alcohol. Along with Abigail, Penny is the most preferred bachelorette for marriage. She likes gifts that are very hard to get such as kha soup, sandfish, roots platter, red plate.

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