All About The New Corsair Wired Gaming Headsets

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Gaming headphones or headsets are an important part of any gamer’s life. But, these electronic gadgets often come at a hefty price. Luckily the American computer hardware giant Corsair has an answer to this. The company specializes in producing low-cost headsets without compromising the quality of the product. This article explains everything you need to know about the latest Corsair wired gaming headsets.

Corsair Wired Gaming Headsets

Corsair is a famous computer peripherals manufacturer that produces various products such as speakers, USB flash drives, headsets, etc. The California-based company which is nearly three decades old is one of the leading companies related to computer hardware. Though the company produces various gadgets, it is particularly popular for its trademark gaming headsets.

All About The New Corsair Wired Gaming Headsets

This is because the company recently launched three high-performance wired gaming headsets at an affordable price. Many gamers across the world welcomed this move as these headsets were available for less than $100. In an era where high cost is synonymous with high quality, Corsair broke this trend as it showed the world that quality headsets can be produced at low cost.

New Releases

As mentioned earlier, the company introduced three brand new wired headsets namely HS55 Stereo, HS65 Surround and HS80 RGB USB. All these gadgets are of the highest quality and are available for a reasonable price. The three headset costs $60, $80, and $100 respectively. This is comparatively less pricing for such good headsets.

All About The New Corsair Wired Gaming Headsets

Also, many gamers who have tried all three, rate HS80 RBG USB as the best. This does necessarily mean that the other two are bad as they lack some features that the HS80 RBG has. Also, the RBG is costlier than the other two as it offers some impressive features. But, all the three excel in sound quality which is the main thing. This is where the Dolby Audio comes in. While the HS65 surround and HS80 RGB USB have Dolby Audio 7.1 surround audio, the HS55 Stereo has stereo audio.

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