23 Jump Street: Release Date, Spoilers And Latest Updates

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Jump Street is an action cop comedy movie franchise that currently has two films. The first film being 21 Jump Street was released in 2012. Two years later, its sequel 22 Jump Street was released as both these films were well received by the audience. So, with the immense success of these movies, the fans are anticipating another Jump Street film. Here are the latest updates regarding 23 Jump Street.

23 Jump Street: Plot

In 21 Jump Street, the story revolves around two police officers Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko as these two investigate a drug outbreak among school students. These two rookies work under Captain Dickson as he assigns Schmidt and Jenko to look into the synthetic drug case. Ice Cube stars as Captain Dickson as he instructs the newbies to go undercover in the concerned school.

23 Jump Street: Release Date, Spoilers And Latest Updates

Later, the trio returns as the cast for 22 Jump Street. It follows a similar story as 21 Jump Street as Schmidt and Jenko once again join hands to investigate another drug outbreak in a college. Furthermore, the dynamic duo is once again guided by Captain Dickson as they try to find a solution to the case.

23 Jump Street: Release Date, Spoilers And Latest Updates

With the release of these two films, the franchise gained a lot of fans as many of them fell in love with the character of Schmidt and Jenko. Also, the comical action screenplay and the engaging storyline were liked by many. Along with this, Ice Cube’s role was the icing on the case as the trio is already iconic. Because of this, every Jump Street fans want the trio to unite once again in 23 Jump Street as they eagerly wait for the announcement of the third film. Here are the latest updates.

Release Date and Latest Updates

Unfortunately, there are no positive signs that point towards the release of 23 Jump Street. Despite the success of the first two movies, there is no official announcement regarding the third film. This news disappointed many fans as they were expecting a third film in the iconic cop comedy franchise.

23 Jump Street: Release Date, Spoilers And Latest Updates

Even though many fans have moved on, some still haven’t given up. Though the chances are slim, die heart fans of Jump Street are still expecting 23 Jump Street. But the fans need to wait a lit bit longer to know whether it will happen or not.

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