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Girl’s Frontline or popular as Doll’s Frontline is a popular game and now it is getting an Anime version. The popular game developed by MICA team gets a new short series based on the game. Warner Bros. Japan announced that the anime series for the game would release in 2022.

Girls’ Frontline Synopsis

The Girl’s Frontline game and anime revolve around the same story. It’s year 2060. The war has brought all the mankind to dark and chaos. In this period, there is a need to revisit the past. However, there are some gifted T-dolls or android dolls. The gifted T-dolls are basically robots. They carry guns and fight the combat and win.

Girl’s Frontline

They need to join the war in order to save the humans and unveil the conspiracy that permeates the world. While the game is popular, the trailer of the movie released and has high expectations from the fans. The game first appeared in 2019 and had same (lot of) expectations!! In addition, the trailer has hit the Youtube and has high reactions.


Girl’s Frontline

Girl’s Frontline Release date & Spoilers

As of now, the group has confirmed that the broadcast of the anime will happen on 7th January 2022. On 7th, there would be Japanese release of the anime.

In the series we see how 3rd world war affects the nation. The officials are no longer able to protect the wastelands. Therefore, they transfer their power to private military companies for defense. “Griffin” and “Kryuger” are such companies. The companies have android soldiers or “tactical dolls” which are tasked to fight against the army of Sanghvis Ferri. MA41 is a capable leader of an elite called “Anti-Rain”. She needs to protect her mates and also need to fight the battles to gain power against Sanghvis.

Girl’s Frontline

So, from the plot we know that the story will revolve around MA41 who is a leader. Apart from the plot, the movie will have lots of action scene and battles.

In conclusion, the movie is all about the War and Sci-fi genre and a must-watch which will just make us crazy!!

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