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Fanart, Erotic fanfiction, action-sized figures, and the actual game. Yuri is one of the most popular characters in a video game. Four years have gone by since the release of the game but Doki Doki Literature Club still manages to attract new players every day. This might be because of their engaging characters and storyline. One of such characters is Yuri. Who is she? Lets find out.

Plot: Doki Doki Literature Club

Sayori invites the main protagonist to join her at her reading club. He grudgingly accepts her request and meets the other members of the club, including Natsuki, the tsundere, Yuri, and Monika, the bubbly club president. Each day at the literature club, participants are challenged to write a poem, which they then share with the other members the next day.

Yuri: Doki Doki Literature Club - Everything You Need To Know

Sayori eventually admits to the protagonist that she suffers from depression. While the club prepares for the school’s forthcoming cultural festival, when the club members want to share their poems with a larger audience. Before he meets Sayori again, the protagonist supports either Yuri or Natsuki with their chores. They both seek to kiss the protagonist. the protagonist might either confess to Sayori or friend zone her. Regardless, the next day, Monika quietly gives the protagonist an unusually gloomy poetry by Sayori. In it someone is adamantly ordered to “get out of [her] head.” When the protagonist realizes something has happened to her, he hurries to Sayori’s house. This is where he learns that she has hanged herself, and the game ends abruptly.

Yuri: Appearance

Throughout the film, Yuri’s portrayal is quite mature and sophisticated. Yuri has dark purple hair that is long and straight, and she has light purple eyes. She has purple barrettes on both sides of her head, positioned on two prominent strands of hair beside her bangs.

Yuri: Doki Doki Literature Club - Everything You Need To Know

She wears a warm grey blazer, a brown sweater vest, a white shirt slightly unbuttoned at the collar, a red ribbon, a dark blue pleated skirt, white knee-high socks, and white uwabaki slippers with sky blue tips while at school. Because of her long legs, the protagonist characterizes her movements as remarkably beautiful. According to Dan Salvato, Yuri is the game’s tallest female character, standing at 5′ 5″ (165 cm) in the design stage. She also has the highest physical development, which adds to her maturity and uneasiness.

Yuri: Personality

Yuri is shy, generous, polite, remorseful, clever, mature, articulate, and enthusiastic about topics concerning personal interests for the bulk of the game. But she is also insecure, awkward, and has a propensity to seem slightly condescending and patronizing to disguise her self-doubt.

Yuri: Doki Doki Literature Club - Everything You Need To Know

Yuri’s passive and level-headed demeanor is periodically shattered. This is visible as she spars passionately and fiercely with Natsuki about their divergent writing approaches. Yuri has a strong desire to be liked by people. She is terrified of appearing unlikable if she speaks her thoughts about issues. She can be insensitive inadvertently due to her social ineptness. Yuri, as revealed by the protagonist, prefers to consider before speaking.

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