What Is Sweet Business Catalyst In Destiny 2?

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Destiny 2 is an online mutiplayer shooting game with many impressive weapons. Of these weapons, some come under the exotic category. These exotic guns are quite rare to find and are more powerful than normal weapons. Sweet Business comes under this category. This article explains everything about Sweet Business and its catalyst.

What is Sweet Business Catalyst?

Sweet Business is an exotic auto rifle with insane damage. It can easily slaughter a group of enemies. Many gamers use this gun in Player vs Environment mode, but it is no less a threat in Player vs Player mode either. Though it takes some time to attain its full spin, it is worth the wait as it can shred the opponents into pieces at its full potential.

What Is Sweet Business Catalyst In Destiny 2?

These stats may seem impressive. But, with a catalyst, Sweet Business becomes even more deadly. With the Catalyst, the gun gets a special perk called Serious Business. With this perk, the players will deal less flinch from any incoming damage when the gun is at its full shooting potential. Sweet Business Catalyst also increases the stability and accuracy of players while shooting.

How to Find it?

The probability of getting this weapon is completely random. The players can make sure they get this exotic gun by playing Strike and Crucible matches.

What Is Sweet Business Catalyst In Destiny 2?

An important point to note here is that the players only need to get kills in these matches. Successful completion of these matches is not necessary.

What Is Sweet Business Catalyst In Destiny 2?

To upgrade Sweet Business Catalyst, the players need to kill 250 groups of four enemies. This means four enemies must be killed in rapid succession. In this way, the players should kill a total of 1000 enemies using Sweet Business.

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