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Fall guys had officially become the most popular game to keep people entertained during the corona virus pandemic. All the Youtubers, Twitch streamers and game reviewers were playing it because it had a big impact on the gaming community as a whole. So, for those who are fans of the game, we have 5 more games just like Fall Guys.


No game has caught the world by storm quite like Fortnite when it comes to battle royales. Despite the fact that the game’s popularity has waned since its initial peak, it still offers a fun and unique experience. The battle royale game works similarly to other modes in that 100 players are dropped onto a diminishing map and must gather resources. The novelty of Fortnite, on the other hand, is the ability to quickly build structures to provide shelter or impede people from progressing. The game can be played solo or with a group of friends.

Apex Legends

Apex’s combination of aggressive BR rulesets and hero-based FPS action completes a thrilling and engaging competitive experience. The game, like Fall Guys, is difficult to put down as players strive to be the last man standing in this gigantic battle. Fans will return for more action thanks to a variety of Legends and satisfying weaponry, as well as changing challenges and cosmetic rewards.

Phantom Abyss

What if Fall Guys included randomly generated levels that gamers would only see once and never see again? Phantom Abyss is based on this concept. Players explore a temple in search of artefacts in this asynchronous multiplayer experience. There are various traps and large gaps along the road that are designed to reduce a player’s time in the level. After dying once, the player will be kicked out of the temple and will never be able to return.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

The major aspect of Ultimate Chicken Horse is similarly building structures. But, this time it’s to reach to the goal in a platforming level. The group will work together to create an obstacle course. The goal is to make it so difficult that only a few people will be able to complete it. If a player completes the game while their companions fail, they are rewarded. Along with being able to play as comical animal characters, this game combines the adorable design with the challenging platforming that Fall Guys is known for.

Gang Beasts

Do you want to play another derpy game in which goofy creatures battle it out? Gang Beasts is a perfect fit. Battles are staged in bizarre locations. These include top of trucks and on a Ferris Wheel, which adds to the game’s absurdity. Users can opt to play with their friends or with strangers. If players are having trouble with Fall Guys, Gang Beasts is a great method to burn off some steam.

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