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Little Nightmares has been a success in the puzzle-adventure genre. So much so that many people started comparing it to five nights at Freddy’s. People are allowed to have their own opinions. But, back when it was released, it was quite a fresh concept. This was because of the fresh characters. One such character was Mono.

Plot: Little Nightmares

Six, a 9-year-old girl dressed in a yellow raincoat, wakes up from a dream in which she sees a woman dressed in a kimono and wearing a Noh mask. She sneaks through the bowels of the Maw, a vast underwater iron vessel, armed only with a lighter. She encounters Nomes throughout the Maw, which are little, nervous creatures who either escape or passively monitor her attempts. If she gets close enough to a Nome, she has the option of hugging them. Six avoids the predatory Leeches that infest the prison’s depths, as well as artificial eyeballs that will turn her to stone if she comes into contact with their illumination.

Six also suffers from crippling hunger, and every time she eats, a ghostly, flickering version of herself appears. Six gets taken by the blind, long-armed Janitor who supervises the seized children after eating some bread supplied by an imprisoned youngster. She manages to flee, but she makes no attempt to assist the other youngsters. She stumbles into a room full of piled-up shoes, avoiding the invisible monster lurking beneath. Six is eventually cornered by the Janitor, but she cuts his arms off with a collapsing door.

Mono: Appearance

Mono was a polite and helpful young man who cared about people. All of that changed when he went on a trip to the Signal Tower with a girl named Six. Mono is a thin pale-skinned boy with a light brown paper bag covering his face and two round eye holes through which he can see.

He’s dressed in a khaki trench coat with one button that goes below his legs, over a brownish-gray shirt tucked into his long brownish-gray pants with the ends rolled up. His hands and feet are completely exposed. Mono can also wear objects on the side of his coat, such as a key. He has short, unkempt black hair that peeps out a little bit beneath the paper bag he wears. He is eventually seen to have a pretty slender and slightly more angular face structure, as well as dark eyes, when he is not wearing the bag.

Mono: Personality

Mono’s personality is shown by his behavior, despite the fact that he rarely speaks, and it has been mentioned in an interview that Mono is inherently protective. Mono looks to be a noble, self-assured, and well-intentioned young man who is prepared to go out of his way to aid others, as evidenced by his battle to rescue Six from the Hunter’s house and offer his hand to her.

Despite her initial refusal of his assistance, he remains by her side, providing his assistance when she asks for it. He shows compassion. This is evidenced by his obvious distress at the decaying carcasses at the Hunter’s house. As well as, his first amazement at seeing Six in her monster form when he discovers her. Mono is also extremely aware of his surroundings, and he is resourceful enough to assess the integrity and safety of the way ahead by using numerous objects in his environment.

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