Halo: Best Quotes From Master Chief

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Halo series is a video game franchise that focuses on humans fighting aliens. It is a very successful video game franchise as it was an instant hit upon its release. Even Tech Genius Elon Musk couldn’t help himself from tweeting about one of Halo’s iconic games. American based 343 Industries developed this game and the first game in this series was released in 2001. The game’s main character is a supersoldier named Master Chief who fights aliens to save humanity. This article is about some famous quotes from him.

Halo: About Protagonist Master Chief

Master Chief aka John-117 is the main character of the Halo series. He is fully known as Master Chief Petty Officer. Moreover, he is the main playable character in the game. He often appears in his green coloured armoured suit. Also, he is a tall supersoldier specially trained for combats.

Halo: Best Quotes From Master Chief

Nicknamed as “Spartan”, the Master Chief is often quiet and speaks only when it is necessary. Many fans instantly liked this character. However, some pundits gave mixed reviews about Master Chief.

Some Iconic Quotes Of Master Chief

As mentioned earlier, he maintains a calm demeanour and utters only a few words. But, when he speaks, his words are pure gold dust. Some of his famous quotes are,

  • “That’s Not Going To Happen!”

Master chief utters these words when everyone lost their hopes of winning the fight. This portrays his never give up attitude.

Halo: Best Quotes From Master Chief

  • “We’ll Make It.”

This quote shows the optimistic nature of the Chief. Even when things are not going as planned and when his back is against the wall, he always has an ace up in his sleeve.

  • “Asking’s Not My Strong Suit.”

Master Chief is famous for his leadership skills. This quote is another example of it. He always tries to figure out the solution rather than waiting for someone to come up with it.

Halo: Best Quotes From Master Chief

  • “No. I Think We’re Just Getting Started.”

This is one of the iconic quotes of Master Chief. He states it at the end of Halo: Combat Evolved as the game would end breathtakingly.

  • “I Need A Weapon.”

This quote is from Halo 2 as the Chief gets ready to fight. John Wick fans might find a reference here as Master Chief seeks a weapon to fight the aliens.

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