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Catalysts are very important in destiny 2, mainly for weapon upgrades and more. But, finding these catalysts are another level of pain and effort. Thanks to us, we will help you find the Witherhoard catalyst so that you can upgrade your weapons and have fun playing the game.

Plot: Destiny 2

One year after the events of Destiny: Rise of Iron, the plot picks up. The Last City is attacked by the Cabal’s Red Legion faction, a military-industrial empire of giant amphibians led by Dominus Ghaul.

Ghaul succeeds in taking away the Guardians’ abilities and forcing them to flee the Tower. He believes the Traveler made a mistake when he gave humanity Light. As a result, The Guardians have become frail and dispersed. To fight Ghaul and the Red Legion, they must master new skills, travel to new worlds in the Destiny universe, and recover the Last City.

Witherhoard catalyst

The Witherhoard Catalyst has three key advantages:

  • On multikills, orbs are dropped.
  • Tracks are lethal.
  • Silent Alarm is a bonus.

There are two parts to the Silent Alarm perk. The first is that the weapon’s handling has been improved, allowing the player to draw the weapon faster and begin shooting sooner. Another advantage is that holstering the firearm for a short period of time causes it to reload automatically. Players can fire the weapon, holster it, fight with another weapon, and swiftly reload Witherhoard.

How to get it?

The Bank Job quest can be started if the player has obtained the Witherhoard weapon. One Last Job, High-Stakes Heist, and Crime Spree are the four parts of the quest. To fulfil the tasks, the player should utilise the Witherhoard, however any Kinetic or Special Grenade Launcher would suffice.

This is by far the simplest part of the quest. All players need to do is chat with Banshee-44. He’s in The Tower, near the Vault on the west side of the Courtyard. He’ll give The Bank Job quest once the player has obtained the Witherhoard weapon. The quest will not be available otherwise. Players will need 50 Vault Keys to complete the second leg of the quest to obtain the Witherhoard Catalyst. Vault Keys can be obtained by killing adversaries with either a Kinetic or Special Grenade Launcher.

Then, one must complete the crime spree as well. for that, all you need to do is kill 100 guardians during elimination with a grenade launcher, 200 multikills with the grenade launcher and obtain 300 filthy lucre. Strikes in the playlist, Nightfalls, Gambit matches, and Crucible rounds can all be used to obtain the Filthy Lucre. Once the player has accomplished the Crime Spree goals, they must just return to Banshee-44. He’ll hand over the Witherhoard Catalyst after a brief exchange of speech, completing The Bank Job questline.

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